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Meadow Vista, California is situated near Sacramento, and while its population according to the 2012 U.S. Census is slightly over 3,000 residents its scenic offerings and close proximity to ski slopes of Quick Silver and Truckee make this small town a popular choice among those looking for a relaxing community with family-friendly amenities. As a resident of Meadow Vista it is important to maintain proper working order of your home and all its components. For those with garage doors, regular maintenance and inspection of garage door springs in Meadow Vista is required to prolong the life of the garage door.Garage Door Springs

Garage Door Springs in Meadow Vista

As with other mechanical aspects of your home, garage door springs can become damaged due to use. These portions of the garage door system undergo tremendous strain every day, thus it is important to hire a professional garage door company capable of repairing all types of garage door springs in Meadow Vista.

Types of Springs

When searching for a garage door company, look for a business capable of handling a wide variety of spring types. The following are some of the most commonly used springs in residential garage door systems:

  •     Oil Tempered Garage Door Springs – These springs are manufactured by dipping the heated wires into cool oil. This process strengthens the wires and prolongs their working life.
  •     Overhead Door Springs – Designed to be used in an overhead garage door system, and are must be professionally maintained to prevent damage.
  •     Torsion Coil Trampoline Springs – Constructed to support the weight of a garage door as it is lifted and lowered through its unique twisting action.
  •     Galvanized Garage Door Tension Springs – One of the most commonly found types of garage door springs in Meadow Vista, these springs are coated with a zinc surface to strengthen its durability and longevity.
  •     Extension Garage Door Springs – Extension springs are designed specifically for a garage door height and weight, and if gone unmonitored these springs can cause significant damage to the entire garage door system.

Although monitoring and maintaining garage door springs in Meadow Vista may not be at the top of a homeowner’s to-do list, avoiding regular maintenance may result in broken springs, which can damage the entire system. On the same token, extension springs repair must be performed by a professional contractor to not only prolong the life of the springs, but to also prevent future damage. While a garage door broken spring can be a headache, when you deal with a professional repair company you can expect garage door torsion springs replacement or repairs to prolong the operating life of your garage.

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